Mar 10, 2014

Hello all, I created a how-to document on IPSEC LAN to LAN VPN tunnel configuration using TP-Link Archer MR200 (v2) with Cisco 1800R Series router. Feel free to check it out and give comments. Thanks. Alex Jul 05, 2020 · Configure SSH on Cisco Router or Switch – Technig. In this example, I just enable and configure SSH on SW1 and trying to access it from PC1. It’s enough to learn how to configure SSH on Cisco router. R1> R1>enable R1#configure terminal Enter configuration commands, one per line. crypto isakmp policy 1 encr aes hash sha authentication pre-share group 2 lifetime 86400 crypto isakmp key SecretK3y address ip access-list extended VPN-ACL permit ip crypto ipsec transform-set VPN-TS esp-aes esp-sha-hmac crypto map VPN-C-MAP 10 ipsec-isakmp set peer set transform-set VPN-TS match address VPN-ACL interface Serial0/1/0 Configure PE-CE routing protocol for cisco_VPN router ospf 200 vrf cisco_VPN log-adjacency-changes redistribute bgp 64512 subnets network area 0 ! ! Configure the MPLS VPN backbone IGP router isis passive-interface Loopback0 net 49.0001.0000.0000.0001.00 is-type level-2-only metric-style wide ! ! The blue router on the left is a Cisco router with VPN capabilities and the red computer on the right is any computer that is running the Cisco VPN Client. After applying the config below the remote access user will be able to access the device at as if it was on the same network as it. I need a senior CISCO specialist to help me to configure an IPSEC Client to Site VPN on my Cisco RV260 router. Like clients I want to use iPhone witch Cisco Anyconnect. Kind Regards, Andrei. Kompetens: Cisco, Nätverksadministration

Oct 08, 2012

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Aug 25, 2017