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This way you can also easily block malicious sites, annoying ads or ad networks, or specific sites from your kids or even block yourself access to Facebook. Also, if you don’t want to edit any of the files within Windows folder yourself you can use a tool called Host File Editor to edit your host file with a nice GUI: HOW TO: Use the Hosts File on Linux to Block Ads, Tracking There are a few steps you can take to minimise these threats. Like taking advantage of the built in hosts file on your computer and a browser ad-blocker like uBlock Origin . On macOS you can use GasMask which wasn’t updated in ages, but it still works. However, it still can’t deal with HTTPS sources. On Linux, a great option is hBlock. Block Ads and Malware with Your Hosts File | NordVPN

Jul 16, 2020

Quick Tip: Block unwanted sites using the Windows hosts file Mar 30, 2011 Blocking ads and malware with host files on Mac, Windows

Block Ad and Malware Servers with HOSTS File

May 10, 2020 One hosts file to block them all · Boris Schapira Sep 07, 2018 mvps hosts file download - Microsoft Community Aug 20, 2019 Best Pihole Block Lists & How to Update Pi-Hole? | PCRIVER For instance, if you wish to block all ads generated by a popular ad-network like MediaNet or GoogleAdsense, you will have to add their respective URLs to the blacklist. Likewise, to allow ads from a particular domain, you can add it’s URL to the whitelist, so Pi-hole does not block it by default.