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windows ip configuration an internal error occurred: the Apr 28, 2020 Microsoft TCP/IP Host Name Resolution Order If the host name is correctly entered in a host file, it will be resolved before the client attempts to query DNS. This solution works well if DNS servers are temporarily unreachable and there is a small number of host names that need to be resolved . Manually configuring Hosts files … Unable to query host name - Tech Support Forum

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Error message "sudo: unable to resolve host (none)" - Ask In my case it was the problem, I changed the hostname to man because I wanted to know if there are some parameters you can use on hostname. Instead it changed my hostname to man and I always got the same message like you . sudo: unable to resolve host (none) after changing the hostname back to `localhost everything worked fine again. hostname CentOS7 unable to resolve nslookup for short hostname The problem is in your resolv.conf/DHCP configuration if resolv.conf is not static.. You have got to add to the search directive of resolv.conf the domain eai.com. When you try a DNS name lookup, the resolver libraries, if unsuccessful, try in turns to resolve the name adding the domains in the search directive until they find a resolvable name, or until they exhaust the domain list in the active directory - Domain computer cannot resolve internal This could be caused by a bad entry in the hosts file which is located here:. C:\Windows\System32\drivers\etc\hosts Make sure you don't have an entry in the hosts file overriding domain.local. nslookup domain.local will check the DNS Server for an address associated with domain.local - however if you have an entry in your hosts for domain.local then ping domain.local …